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Comissions open for seacreatures
I love to spend points to other deviants or gift them core membership ...

I spend arround 20 € per month, I'm sadley not rich but I would love to spend more. I found this suggestion with commissions in my inbox and I decided to give it a try. If I get a bit more I can give a bit more thats what I think, and hey if someone like my art and can use it we create a win win win situation :)

I've never done comissions before and I have no idea what is important to say... so please by patient with me :)

I decided to start with ocean animals, they are quite fun, don't need a lot of background and over all amazing!

But feel free to ask if you like something else.





Artist Spotlight EyeOfTheCat

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 22, 2016, 8:33 AM
Hello, my dear friends and watchers.

And again it's Saturday. Sometimes time is so fast passing by that I wonder, where I spend it. It was a hard week for me, I lost a faithful friend and let me think about death.

I was so surprised about your sympathy you've shown me I can't say. Even people they don't know me, watch me or so send some sympathy and this left me speechless.

Thank you so much. I love you all <3


It's time for another spotlight, this time I got a very talented photographer as a secret hint :)


She is an absolutely lovely person and her pictures are just amazing. She finds the beauty in the smallest things. She also has a very good feeling for colors and moods.
Sadly she suffers from some sort of a migraine. I hope she gets better and finds all the power she needs to stay positive.

So please do me the favor, if you like her pictures as much I do, go on and spend her some love too. Give her a fav, a watch or a nice word.

Midnight by EyeOfTheKat

Waiting for a lover lost by EyeOfTheKat

The Queen by EyeOfTheKat

Soft tongue by EyeOfTheKat

The Witch II by EyeOfTheKat

Dreams by EyeOfTheKat

Tiny Family by EyeOfTheKat

Hidden by EyeOfTheKat

Experiments IV by EyeOfTheKat

Fallen Angel (updated) by EyeOfTheKat

Elegance (updated) by EyeOfTheKat


Noekkvadis's Profile Picture
Michaela Huber
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello everyone and welcome to my page,

Who am I?

A very good question, that I can't answer in short words. There are so much things thats me, like beeing crazy, good, emotional but straight in hard time, funny, angry, stupid, intelligent and all those things that let us all be are, who we are.

I can say my live, is full of storys so far and my mind changed trough the years, I'm sure in a few years I'm also different then now. Well the core is still the same, I just get some upgrades like glasses, wrinkles and pain in the neck ;) I also get a bit wiser, what not mean I am wise right know ;).

I traveled a lot trough austria, germany and spain. My professions are manifold, I hope you say this in english as well. Languages are definitley not my strength. I was once a painter , a waitress, a cook, I owned once 2 bars and trust me there is nothing that teach you more respect then cleaning toilets after some partys. I can seriously say I've seen shit art, painted on toilets walls and the complete inventory. Since 10 years now, I call my self Online Marketing Manager and Webdeveloper. Since 4 years I work as a freelancer offer the complete package, from webdesign, programming in php and javascript up to SEO, SEM, SMM and so on. I also worked last year on concept art for a mobilegame.

I love!!! to play games!

It started with something called TricOTronic. I played with a Commodore 64, Sega, Amiga and Nintendo, Play Station and at least PC. I played Ultima Online for years and 2 or 3 years WOW as well. I got accounts in the most common games. Unfortunately at the moment I didn't play much. Sometimes dota 2, or red soleisten with friends all 2 weeks, the most of the time I spend at the moment on drawings and on my work.

I also love to play Pen and Paper Roleplay. Atm we play World of Darkness, Werewolf the Apocalypse.

It was very hard for me to decide where I want to go. I enjoyed my live in the night as a waitress as much I enjoy my silent life in the moment, there are so much things I wanted to give it a try .... and the most of the time I did ;)

What to say more?

I could tell you know how old I am, or the circumstances that I have a boyfriend, (was so lucky to find my soulmate 8 years ago), 4 rats, a roomate, that I like blue and pizza, or how pissed off I am about the cruel in our world but I would say if you like to know more about me just get in touch with me. I allways up to give free hugs!

Excuse my funny way to use english. Sometimes I have to laugh about my own ^^

I hope you enjoy to watching trough my gallery, comments or even a little hi are very welcome.

You don't need to say thank you for favs. I'm selfish to add your pictures cause I want to stare on it over and over again :)


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Heya. How's it going? :)
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Frohes Neues! Lass dich mal wieder blicken. :)
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Thank you very much my dear, for your kindness and for your valuable support!!!

You're an amazing person and a very talented artist!!

I love you!!!

Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
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Vielen, vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar :)
Ich finde deine bilder wirklich schön und sehr schön ausgearbeitet, die musste ich einfach favoritisieren!

Viele Grüße aus Bayern :D
Noekkvadis Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ach das ist ja lieb.

Auch dir schönen Dank für deinen Kommentar :)

Hab einen hervorragenden Tag :)
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Pumori's Llama Thank You by kanyiko
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Ohh how cute <3

Llamas Yay! llama chase 
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